Time Lost

Time Lost

We are born…We Die. What happens in between is life.  For most, life is linear and continuous.  For some, the continuous aspect is missing.  Parts of life are missing, hence Time Lost

This blog is about the part of my life that went missing, at least in the traditional sense due to a severe Pancreatitis attack.  Parts are still missing, while other parts have been replaced by dream like episodes, vivid recollections that remain very real to me.

Also included is a journal.  It starts in the present because it’s taken 9 months to come to grips with the missing months.

I’ve created this blog for me.  If anyone else finds it interesting or maybe helpful, that’s good.

Best place to start is the Background menu page.  Then use the menu to view either the Vivid Recollections or Journal.

This is a work in process…I’m updating on a daily basis…