Three Good Days

Three Good Days

It’s Thursday and things have been going well.  The low point we lived through Sunday night has faded.  Mom has been alert and friendly.  Has something changed, or is this just temporary pause and the paranoia and hallucinations will return?  On Monday I took Mom to the Podiatrist.  She has been concerned about her toe.  She saw lines on it and the tip was blue.  She was very concerned as her father, she was told, had toes with similar conditions.  The Dr. wanted to amputate them, but at 92, my mom felt that was to much for him and rejected the suggestion.  He died with 6 months.  This, she told me, was her fate.

A few days later we had appointments with both her Cardiologist and Primary Care Physician (PCP).  I asked both to look at her toes to see if they saw any issues.  Neither saw anything to be concerned about.  Circulation was fine and the “squeeze” test showed the toes recovered fine.  On the way home, I asked Mom if she was comfortable with the Dr’s quick analysis of her toes.  It was good to hear, she said, but pointed out neither was a foot expert.  So I made the appointment with a Podiatrist.

The Podiatrist’s diagnosis was the same, nothing serious to worry about.  He suggested she return in a few months to have her toes checked again.  He then ground down her toe nails which made her very happy.

No comment about her toes since Monday, that’s a good thing.

Tuesday and Wednesday were also good days.  Mom has been wonderful and very conversational.  She’s had very nice Christmas’s recently.  But this year, she says, it’s really nice to be enjoying the whole Christmas season in a home with a Christmas tree, the candles and the lights.


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