Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom has been great since her problems last Sunday.  No issues at all, what a joy to be with her, talking and reminiscing.

Mom’s birthday will be on the 20th, but we celebrated yesterday so everyone we wanted to celebrate her birthday could attend.  Both my daughters families were here as well as Mom’s great niece (her sisters son’s daughter, do I have it right) who moved here from Bethlehem a few years ago.  Mom always like her and she was excited to see Mom again.

It was simple celebration, pizza and a cake.  Since Mom has been here, I haven’t seen her smile so much for so long.  It actually gave me goose bumps.  It wonderful to see her interact with everyone especially since most of them were at the no infamous Thanksgiving dinner.  Unlike that night when she barely acknowledged them when they said goodbye, last night she hugged everyone.

Just a short entry day, but a happy one to share.


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