TV Not Necessary

TV Not Necessary

She stared intently at the TV.  “Come on come on come on”, she said.  “Give him the car” was next.  We were watching the The Crown.  I’m not sure what Mom was watching.  I believe it was a game show.  We turned off the sound.  That didn’t deter her, repeating “Come on come on come on”. Finally, we turned the TV off.  TV Not Necessary.  Even with a blank screen, Mom was engrossed in a show only shown in her mind.

Eventually, she fell asleep. About 9:00, I woke her, “It’s 9:00, would you like to go to bed?”.  She said yes and navigated her walker around the chair and hallway, off to bed.  That was the remaining bookend to a day, another eventful day, caring for Mom.

The day began normally.  I woke around 7:30 and left my bedroom to get breakfast ready for Mom.  Walking out of the bedroom, I see the top of Mom’s head above the leather chair she normally sits in while watching TV, listening to music or just chatting.  I went around in front of her and said, “You’re up early”.  She looked up at me and said nothing.  “How long have you been up?”.  She just kept on staring.  I kept asking questions and kept getting the same blank look.  Her eyes would follow me, but otherwise, no response.  I called her primary care physician (PCP). After 10 minutes explaining the situation and asking to speak to a nurse then on hold, I called 911.  Paralyzed, stroke, all went through my mind.  As we waited for the paramedics, my wife continues to ask questions, no responses.  Finally she asks her to lift her right arm.  Up went her right arm.  She asks her to lift her left arm. Up went the left arm.  Finally came the response “I’m fine”, when asked for umpteenth time.  Then another word, then the paramedics arrived.  They remember her from last week (I haven’t wrote about that yet), and started doing what they do.  All vitals, readings, etc. come up clean.  Mom’s responding to questions appropriately.  “We can take her to the ER, but I don’t think she needs to, it’s up to you”.  No, she’s fine now.  I have no idea what was going on.  We have an appointment with her PCP in two days, I’ll talk to him about it.

I don’t think she said a dozen words the rest of the day.  The following day, everything is going normally. Later in the afternoon, Mom says to me.  Where were you and Donna last night?  I said we were here with her.  She said, no, it wasn’t us.  It didn’t look like us, they didn’t act like us, it was a different man and women.  I asked if she remembered me waking her and asking if she wanted to go to bed.  Yes, she remembered, but it wasn’t me, it was the other man. A good looking man, taller then me, he had to knell down to talk to her.  The other women was rather mean, to mean to be a secretary.   Clearly, not Donna.  This went on for a while.  Eventually she came around to accepting it was me, but I suspect she was thinking we both know it really wasn’t.


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