I had a very odd conversation with Mom over lunch.  It boiled down to this…

She felt something was going on and neither you nor Sheila would tell her what it was.  When I asked why she felt that she could only say she knows things when she feels them.  After further prodding it seems it was rooted in a few things.  One was you not calling when you got to SC.  Therefore you were keeping something from her.  Another was that when Sheila called on Sunday  Sheila kept asking her if she was okay, then asking if she’s sure.  Again, her conclusion was there was something that either was or should be wrong, but Sheila wouldn’t tell her what.  I’m not completely surprised by either since all things being equal, she will think the worst.
It’s the third thing that threw me.  She kept saying something must be being said on the Internet about her, because once something gets on the Internet it keeps going round and round.  We’ll yeah, that can happen but where on earth would she even know about such things and more importantly, why would she feel there were things about her on the Internet.  During our conversations she was actually in tears at one point.
It went on for a while and finally, I suggested she call you and she agreed. Gail will tell me if something’s wrong, she said.  After the call she felt better. No, she said, she didn’t want to call Sheila.


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