Why No Updates

Why No Updates

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this site.  I’ve been doing other things.  One of the last updates was to add a couple of quick poems.  That led me deciding to put the poems to music.  Sounds simple enough.  Except that I don’t really play and instruments, can’t read music and no idea what it takes to write a song.  No problem.  I’ll just learn.

I started to learn acoustic guitar about 10-15 years ago. I quickly realized it’s hard (duh) and gave up.   Fast forward to last month.  I picked the guitar back up and combed YouTube for lessons.  Surprisingly, I didn’t get frustrated and stuck to it.  I began thinking of some melodies.  I then searched for software to record and produce instruments and songs.  What I needed was a DAW, Digital Audio Workstation.  I ended up with PreSonus Studio One 3.  I used the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB interface. I spent weeks learning a very complicated product, as all DAW’s are.  During that time I also purchased an electric guitar as well as a microphone and stand.  To complete the setup I bought a MIDI controller.  I just started formal guitar lessons as I decided I learned about as much as I could on my own.

Well, I’ve created one verse and chorus of the first a part of my first song, Watching the Lights.   So far, includes multiple, simple, acoustic and electric guitar parts.  It also includes a drum loop and a bass track using the MIDI keyboard. I’m about 1/3 finished.  If I had to categorize the genre, I’d say progressive rock.

That’s consumed my “free” time.  While I’m having a blast doing it, I can’t keep at for long periods due to my day job (watching mom) and my need to simply chill.  Not much time left for this.  However, recent revelations reminded me I need to find some time to add updates.  It is therapeutic and also provides some documentation of my recent life.

I will add an MP3 of my song(s) when they are ready.  Like this blog, it’s more for me then anyone else.  Although, performing some music, including my own, for friends at an open mic somewhere is on my bucket list.

The fact is I need to add/update my recollections before they seep from my mind.


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