Health Update (unhappy face)

Health Update (unhappy face)

I don’t remember if I talked about my journey with wounds.  If I did and you read it, sorry, move to the next paragraph.  I had my “final” surgery to close up the hernia on my abdomen last June.  The hernia was the result of opening my stomach to remove 9 or 10 liters of liquid that had built up and was crushing my internal organs.  In August, I notice what looked like a small volcano, lava top and all, forming on the incision wound on my abdomen.  I called the surgeon and went in that day.  He slit it and drained it.  Turns out it was my body rejecting the outer layer of mesh used as support for the main layer.  The sad fact is I’ve had to deal with this one and others that formed over the next 6 or so months.  The wounds

View from above is more “volcanoish”

included “tunnels”, as wide as 1/4″ and as deep as over an inch. The solution was to pack the wounds with strips of “stuff” to absorb the discharge allowing my body to heal.  Well it never really healed.  Many times is looked like it but what would happen is my skin would close over the tunnel leaving the bad stuff still inside.

Maybe something like this

Fast forward to today.  In today’s visit with the surgeon we agreed on what was always thought might be required.  We avoided it hoping the regular dressing, changed daily or every other day depending on severity, would work.   Well, eight months later I’m now being scheduled for “minor” outpatient surgery.  The surgeon will scrape away the skin from around my multiple wounds, remove the offending mesh and allow nature to take it’s course without that foreign body (the mesh).  It will last about and hour, I’ll be under for the surgery and home that day with a wound vac in tow.  The wound vac will be attached to my wound 24/7 for about 2 or 3 weeks.  Dr. said it’s about the size of a tape recorder which could mean anything from a cassette recorder to a boom box.   I’m hoping it mostly resemble the former.  I’ll add pictures and more commentary to a later journal entry.

My head says this is a good thing.  It’s also something I agreed to as opposed to continuing the current process (which the Dr. and I agreed was the very definition of insanity ).  I want to say my hopes are high this will bring a positive conclusion to my journey.  I hesitate because every visit to the surgeon since August included high hopes.  So I will continue to be cautiously optimistic.  I’m ready for this part of my life to be over and allow me to finally enjoy retirement.


During the most recent surgery (~August 2019), Dr. Ting discovered a couple of infected pseudocysts.  He removed them.  I packed the newly opened wounds and waited.  As of now (11/8/2019) the open wounds have been replaced by some very attractive scars :).

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