My New Friend Sucks

My New Friend Sucks

My new friend is not a person, but it is something that I’m close to and will, hopefully, enrich my life.  My new friend is a Wound Vac.  I mentioned in the previous journal entry.  Here I am wearing my new friend.  The actual vac looks like the one from the last post.  I need to wear it 24/7 for at least 2 weeks. My visiting nurse will be here on Monday to change the filter and dressing.  The tube runs from under my shirt to the wound and then to the vac.  Fortunately it’s long so I can hang it on the drawer in my night stand and sleep without much of a problem, at least not on the first night.  The vac is also plugged in during the night so if I need to get up, I have to unplug it, take it off the drawer and hang it on my shoulder.  I got to admit it’s a bit weird watching the fluids get sucked through the clear tube.  For the first few hours it was quite “busy, with what appeared to be a lot blood”, but the flow has reduced dramatically.

I’m not thrilled with this, but I know it’s for the best.  It does pull on my shoulder and strains my back a bit.  I could wear it as a fanny pack as it will hook to a belt.  Alas, I don’t wear belts.   I may unveil more, like how the tube attaches to the wound, but even I am still not ready for that.

Enough for this short update.


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