The Morning

The Morning

It’s 6:30 AM.  I’m sitting on my front porch.  The sky above is cloudless and a beautiful shade of blue. The morning sun shines through the trees to my right.  Across from me are the houses newly built in the past year.

The constant roar of cars flying down County Road 1 envelopes my ears.  Birds are chirping, in front of me in the trees and above me on the roof.  Constructions vehicles arriving obliterate the sound of the cars.  A yellow finch dances on the branches.  A small airplane flies south to north as does a black bird.

The coffee is losing it’s heat in the cool air, and the cup needs refilling. A robin chirps on the steps leading to my house.

I was reading the news on my Chromebook when I decided to chronicle another early morning.

Man…It’s great to be alive.

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