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Media Streaming and Plug Computing – Part 2

ShareRecall from a previous blog that I ordered a Tonidoplug.   The plug was to be shipped on March 10.  I received an email indicating there were delays and the new shipping date was between March 20 and March 25.   Yesterday, the other plug I was looking at Pogoplug, released a firmware update which eliminated one of the reasons I choose Tonido, specifically, it … Continue reading

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Media Streaming & Plug Computing – Part 1

ShareI love to listen to music.  Music allows me to escape from the day to day grind. Most of my listening happens in my home office.  Serious listening occurs in my home theater.  Donna likes to listen to music in our bedroom and we’ll also turn on music in our family room.  I’ve converted all our CD’s into digital format.  About half the new music … Continue reading

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The Android Adventure – Part 1 Day 2 – The Beginning – A New Hope

ShareI’ll need to start this project real soon as I’m running out of titles ripped off from Star Wars. Some quick updates: My youngest has give me an idea for an app which sounds like it could be fun for the young bar crowd. I’ve also thought of my own utility app, which I will probably use as my first project I purchased the Motorola … Continue reading

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Motorola Android In The House

ShareI picked up a Motorola Android to replace my LG Voyager on New Years Day which  I purchased it at the local Verizon store. This is my first “smart phone” and it initially presented a bit of a learning curve. The first issue is you need a Gmail account to get started.  I have one which I originally created for use with Google Adsense, the ID of … Continue reading

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