Pogoplug Update

Here is my latest update on my plug computing experience.

Earlier this year I ran into many problems trying to use the Pogoplug Windows Drive application, some of which are documented here.  I tried again to work with the Pogoplug team to resolve issues I have using their Windows Drive application.  To their credit they were relatively responsive and wanted to help but couldn’t.  I ran more traces and did more testing for them.  They decided my problem was, my problem.  They wanted me to replace the Ethernet cable and use a different switch port.  I did both, in fact I installed a new switch, all without success.

During this period I purchased a new PC as part of my Cutting The Cord project.  I installed Windows Drive and had the exact same type of problems I experienced on my laptop.   I decided to redesign my storage strategy to eliminate the need for Windows Drive.  I’m now using a drive attached to my  Dockstar to store my media.  I then use ActiveCopy to backup that drive to the drives attached to my Pogoplug.   I can use the Dockstar drive because it uses Samba to enable access.  The result has been 100% successful.  I’ve mentioned this before, but for reasons unknown, Pogoplug refuses to install Samba, ignoring the repeated requests by many users.   Here is one of a couple different threads asking for Samba support.

I just went through a conversation of all my music files from WMA lossless to FLAC.  The entire process went smoothly.  Using Windows Drive, it would have been a nightmare.

I’m still considering purchasing a Tonidoplug early next year.  I like the Tonido software and I’m hoping Tonido’s Windows backup function works better then the Pogoplugs Windows Drive ActiveCopy function, which I also gave up on.

One final note.  I purchased my first plug computer, the Pogoplug, in March of 2010, nine months ago.  I purchased the Pogoplug after getting tired of delays from Tonido.  Since that time, neither company has updated their plugs.  Pogoplug has a “business” and “pro” version but they have the same processor and memory.   Tonido is selling the exact same version there were in March.  I’m both surprised and disappointed technology changes haven’t  moved faster.

By now I was expecting a faster processor, additional memory and more connection options.  There are a few other options available, but none are directed at what I’ll call the modest technology geek.  To be honest, they haven’t progressed either, although one does have an eSATA connector available.

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