Cutting the Cord – Postlog

Cutting the Cord – The First Week

It’s been a week since we “Cut the Cord”.

What’s changed?  We’ve watched the normal ABC, CBS & NBC content as well as a little from FOX.  We’ve also started streaming Internet content including HGTV & ESPN3 (From, and misc. shows from Netflix and from Boxee.  Previously we used the Wii for Netflix, but using Boxee simplifies getting there a bit.

Issues So Far

No show stoppers at this point, but there has been a learning curve.

Using SageTV means a new remote and new ways to record, view and maneuverer around.  One feature of Directv which we took for granted was the Directv remotes behavior when fast forwarding.  When fast forwarding on the Directv remote, when you stop, the remote will backup the recording a bit to account for the delay of recognizing when you need to stop and actually stopping.  This meant you almost always started watching again right where you want.  With SageTV we end up needing to rewind a bit.  Oh the horrors :)

We expected watching shows on the Internet would be more work and it is, so that wasn’t a surprise.  On thing that did surprise us was the huge variance in volume of Internet between show and commercials.  I’m not just talking about your “normal” loud commercial, I’m talking blaring loud.  Plus there is even variance between shows.  Also, while the quality is well below HD, it hasn’t been distractingly bad.

We haven’t settled in one streaming entry point software as each seem to have their niche.  At this point  we’re most using Kylo,  Boxee and Netflix although we’ve used some Hulu.

Regarding navigation, The Loop is nice, but still harder then a “normal” remote.  Actually, it’s not The Loop that’s the issue so much as number of “clicks” you need to finally view a show.

I’ll close out this series in the next few weeks with a wrap up off the technology, costs and how our viewing experience has changed.  After the first week, I can say, we survived and see no reason to turn back.

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