Justice Comes to the Women’s World Cup

Anyone who follows soccer knows what a cruel sport it can be.  We’ve seen too many games where a team will dominate only to fall short due to an opportunistic or lucky goal, or perhaps a poor or bad no call.

I’m thrilled to have watched two games the past two days where justice truly was served.  Yesterday, France dominated England but it was England scoring, against the run of play and looked to come up winners,  A late goal and then a win in penalty kicks allowed France to prevail.

Now today, the U.S., who admittedly were a bit lucky to benefit from an own goal, found themselves down 2-1 after a controversial penalty call in the box, which included a red card.  In addition the U.S. keeper (Hope Solo) saved the PK but incredibly the ref demanded a rekick for what appeared to be no legitimate reason.  Brazil converted for a 1-1 tie.  Then Brazil scored the go ahead goal after a clear offside call was missed.

Abby Wambach tied the game in extra time added on to the second OT period and the U.S. prevailed in PK’s.  At that point the U.S. had been playing with just 10 players for almost an hour.

To a lessor extent, Japan’s win over host Germany was also deserved but also seemed unlikely.

It’s nice to see a tournament where good things are happening to good teams.

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