Pirates and a Sinking Ship

Pirates and a Sinking Ship

Waking up, I find myself gently rocking.  Still in my bed and unable to get out.  Eventually someone comes in and tells me we will need to abandon ship as we’ve been attacked by pirates and the ship is sinking.  Of course, while I was greatly concerned, the situation didn’t strike me as odd at all.  The crew member hurriedly left assuring me he’d be back with a gurney to get me off the ship.  In his haste he left the door open.  I could see the crew members running back and forth, clearly, they were concerned and their movements were purposeful.  Time was running short.

I waited patiently…

I watched as saw fewer and fewer crew members scurrying about, the crew member who promised to return was nowhere in site.  Eventually, it became quiet and no one was visible.  I had been abandon and I was scared. Finally, the crew member returned and again, promised to return to get me off the now visibly sinking ship.

I waited again, not so patiently, I was afraid…

I was never removed from the ship.  Fortunately and relieved, I woke and found myself back in my hospital bed.  Odd that I thought that was good fortune.  Had I gotten to the point that laying, immobile in a hospital bed, tubes and IV’s attached to my body, has become the norm, my life, my future?