Visiting Mrs. Frey

Visiting Mrs. Frey

Having, once again escaped, I was heading south to New Mexico.  I was on my way to meet Glenn Frey’s ex wife.  I didn’t know her and didn’t know where she lived.  But there I was heading to meet her.  I was hungry so I stopped at a small local grocery store.  I must have got something, because I was no longer hungry

Exiting the highway, I travel down the two lane road towards my destination.  I’m not sure how far I’d gone nor how far I still must go.  Soon I sensed I was getting close.  Looking out my window, along the top of the ridge, were a line of single family ranch style homes.  I was almost there.

I parked in the driveway in front of the garage door.  The garage door was broken, the horizontal panels were separated.  I was then inside introducing myself to (the ex) Mrs Frey.  I don’t recall the conversation.  I do recall, however, waking up in a chair.  It had a high back and thick arms where I saw my arms resting.  I have no idea how I got there, but I knew I wanted to leave.  I wasn’t able to get out of the chair.  I was, somehow, locked in.  I struggled but couldn’t rise out of the chair.  There was some light in the room provided by the large windows to my right.  I could see large trees outside my window, it was actually pleasant gazing out.  A few days and nights past.  I remained stuck in the chair.  It was odd, but I wasn’t hungry nor had to visit the bathroom.  Odd, yet not.

I saw someone coming down stairs, it was her.  We had a nice conversation which included me asking why I was being kept in the chair.  I don’t recall her answer but quickly changed the subject to room I was in.  She said it was being remodeled from a large basement room to become a medical clinic.  I was sitting in the area that would become the waiting room.  She pointed over by the steps and said an elevator was going to be installed to ensure access to all those who needed care.  Very nice I said.

Turns out, she was doing the remodeling and would come and go regularing slowing doing the work necessary to complete her remodel.  On each visit I would talk with her and ask both why she was keeping me and if she would let me go.  She never answered.  One night I developed a plan which I hoped would result in my freedom.  The next time she came down (she was then working on the shaft for the elevator), I made her an offer.  I knew some very good carpenters, electricians and others who lived in town who, I said, I would gather up and complete her remodeling.  It would cost you nothing, I added, except my freedom.  I don’t recall if she accepted then or days later.  I jst remembered thanking her.  I went outside towards my car, which was still in the driveway.  My initial reaction was to jump  in the car and high tail it north to home.  I couldn’t, I would tell her later. I had to keep up my end of the deal. Of course I knew no one like I had told her.  In fact I wasn’t even sure how to get to town.

I had my freedom and went searching for the craftsman necessary to finish her medical clinic.  I never found out how it ended up.  If it was finished or maybe I never did find the craftsmen.  I was back in the hospital, in my bed.  ready for a new adventure of which I had many, including this one again, at least once more.